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marzo 14, 2018

What is cataract?

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Post Cataract Surgery

Cataract is changes in the clarity of the natural lens as a result of aging.

The lens, which is located between the iris and the retina, consists of proteins which maintain the clarity of the lens, with aging the structure of these proteins change and effect the clarity of the lens.

What age does Cataract appear?

Cataract appears with natural aging. After the age of 50 is when symptoms of cataract might appear. symptoms include a variety of complaints including blurred vision, glare, difficulty with night driving, cataract is compared often to vision through a foggy windshield of a car. As cataract continues to develop, vision becomes cloudy and stronger glasses or contact lenses will no longer improve sight. cataract surgery is considered when visual symptoms begin to develop.

Cataract Surgery Recovery Time

cataract surgery recovery and improvement in symptoms is usually felt immediately.

However, many patients have difficulty adapting to the new vision, difficulties such as poor night vision, difficulty detecting stains on clothes or dishes, difficulty distinguishing facial expressions and a need of more lighting to read.

These difficulties usually disappear after an adjustment period ranging from a few weeks to many months. The difficulty in vision results from a significant decrease in the contrast sensitivity, and of the need of neuroadaptation after cataract surgery.

How to improve vision naturally?

RevitalVision eye exercises improve contrast sensitivity post cataract surgery by over 150% on average and help to adjust to the new vision, by influencing the vision processing ability in the brain. This goal is reached by Revitalvision eye exercises, practiced at home in front of the computer. These last approximately 30 minutes and are done under the supervision of an optometrist or ophthalmologist. RevitalVision therapy is clinically and scientifically based.

To learn how to improve vision after cataract surgery click here
Post Cataract Surgery

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