Can nystagmus be cured?

Nystagmus is an involuntary, periodic eye movement. Can nystagmus be cured? That depends on the underlying condition.

In childhood, most cases of Nystagmus are idiopathic, which means the reason is unknown. If asked can nystagmus be cured, the answer unfortunately is no. Although different aids and accessories are available to decrease the phenomenon.

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Idiopathic infantile nystagmus usually arises at the age of 3 months. A full ophthalmologic evaluation is needed since nystagmus may be accompanied by other diseases such as albinism, macular or optic nerve hypoplasia, or congenital retinal dystrophies which are the most common forms of ocular nystagmus.

Less than 20% of childhood nystagmus is acquired, can nystagmus be cured in these cases? This depends on further neurological investigation. Once the underlying cause is taken care of the Nystagmus may disappear.
Treatment for nystagmus depends on the type of the Nystagmus: congenital or acquired.
Can nystagmus be cured? As mentioned above, Congenital nystagmus doesn’t require treatment – although eyeglasses, contact lenses, good lighting, and different magnifying devices can improve vision. Congenital nystagmus may decrease over the years with no treatment. In cases of acquired nystagmus, treatment depends on the underlying cause, for example changing medications, prism glasses, or even brain surgery for different brain diseases.

In conclusion, nystagmus usually never goes away completely. But fortunately, different aids are available including RevitalVision.

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